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Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey. Methods

There are several hair transplantation techniques in the world. The main difference between them is presence or absence of a damaged area of the skin from where the hair follicle is extracted.

FUE и HFE methods

Turkish doctors use the most advanced FUE hair transplant methods, which sometimes are called Hand Follicle Extraction.

Due to this technique, removal of hair follicles is carried out within using a special implant needle. Its size 0.70-0.80 and 0.90 allows a doctor to take hair without damaging and cutting the skin. So a scalpel is not applied, there are no scarfs and no stitches.

This method allows to remove as much hair roots (graphites) as possible, which determines the density of hair in the future. Hair planting is performed with the help of a special device – needle. Its allows to immerse of the hair follicles to the required depth without incisions and injuring the skin.

DHE method

Organic hair transplantation in Turkey

This unique method of more effective FUE hair transplantation has been developed at Estetik International clinics

Before the hair transplantation procedure doctor makes injections to the patient with his own stem cells, which are extracted from his fat cells. A patient is injected with this fluid in the area for transplantation. So doctors do not need to apply standard injections that can harm the hair follicles.


  • transplant efficiency increases up to 96%;
  • no need to use chemicals;
  • promotes the growth of more lively and healthy hair.

Donor area

The hair follicles that are available for transfer are removed from the nape region most.

If it’s not enough, then the beard and mustache area may be the donor
If the patient does not mind that facial hair may become rarer. Doctors welcome this decision, because the hair from the front is ideal, and this does not create problems with harmony.

Back and legs are considered at the last place because it is very difficult to select the highest quality hair follicles from those areas.

Hair transplantation process

Preparation for the operation

In fact, there is no need for complex preparation for a hair transplant operation, but there is a list of rules that patients must follow:

  • for 1-2 weeks it is not recommended to drink alcohol and smoke;
  • you should refuse from caffeinated drinks a day before the operation;
  • the day before, you need to wash your hair without using additional hair products (masks etc.);
  • come to the operation well-fed and in comfortable clothes. After all, you have to lie
    down a bit.


The process consists of several steps:

  • 1. Collection of hair follicles. Each follicular unit is removed from the donor area for transplantation.
  • 2. Preparation of the recipient area where the hair roots will be transplanted.
  • 3. The follicle is brought in a state ready for transplantation.
  • 4. Transplant.

At this stage, the angle of the transplant is extremely important, because the hair should grow under the natural angle of growth. The aesthetic taste of the doctor plays a very important role, because no one wants to be like a human with grass instead of his hair when the hair sticks out in different directions.

The procedure itself is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, during it, the patient is awake: he can read a book or watch a movie. Although he may sleep)

After the operation, the doctor applies a bandage to the donor area, and the operation is considered completed.

Postoperative period

Just after the operation, there is a slight swelling, but the patient can easily return to his normal life. Our patients spend these few days enjoing Istanbul, because they do not have any pain and have no restrictions on movement.

There are still few rules:

  • first days the patient should cover the transplanted area with a special cap to avoid the loss of follicles
  • 24 hours after surgery, must take a shower using shampoos the doctor gave
  • the hair transplant area should be sterile, so the pillow should be clean, the angle of inclination of the head during sleep should be 45 degrees to prevent hair loss due to friction

After transplantation period

In 2-3 days the donor area will recover.

After 2 weeks co-called shock hair loss occurs, when all transplanted hair falls out, but they successfully grow back within 2 months

In 2-3 months thin hair will begin to grow, gradually they will thicken.

In 4-6 months almost all transplanted hair will grow, but it has not yet reached its final density.

In 6-12 months patient will see how the structure of the hair changes.

12-18 months is the final look of your new hair. Congratulations!

Before and after

Hair transplantation


Prices for hair transplantation

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Estetik International

Estetik International is one of the largest centers of plastic surgery in Turkey. Founded by Bulent Chihantimur, who is in the TOP-50 worlds best plastic surgeons, the clinic has been the lieder for 20 years. It provides the highest standard of services to its clients.

Estetik International network consists of 6 clinics, foreign patients are welcomed in 2 large centers: Istanbul, Bursa (100 km from Istanbul). Estetik International is popular among Europeans and customers from Arab countries


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Why do patients choose Turkey for their treatment?

Today more and more patients from Europe, Asia and Middle East travel to Turkey for treatment.
Recent years Turkey has been in the TOP 3 of the countries’ chosen for international medical tourism.

Modern technologies

Modern equipment and advanced diagnostic methods make it possible to identify diseases at an early stage with maximum accuracy and provide the most effective treatment.

Professional Expertise

All entire staff of professors with whom we work has passed international accreditations. Doctors have experience in the worlds’ largest medical center.

Price-quality ratio

Turkey is actively competing with Israel and Germany for leadership in international medical tourism. Here you can get high quality treatment at lower prices without hidden fees.

Comfort matters

Personal approach and quality of services makes Turkey an indisputable leader. The main objective of clinics is to provide the best conditions for physical and emotional treatment.

Principles of cooperation

The organization of treatment in Turkey is quite simple when you know exactly whom to contact and how to choose the proper place for treatment form available variety of propositions. We will help you find options but final choice is always up to you

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